Thursday, April 7, 2011

Car review madlibs

I read a lot of car reviews...and while once in awhile you read something unique, it seems like they all sound mostly the same. It's something like this:

The Edsel is a fine looking car. It kind of looks like the other cars in it's class, but it has some unique aspects to it too. Our Edsel came in cherry metallic red with optional 19" tires and wheels.

Inside the Edsel is pretty nice, the designers did a good job for the most part, but unfortunately they skimped in some other areas. The walls of the glove box are hard plastic instead of mink fur.

The car drove great for the most part at everyday speeds. It was able to accelerate up to freeway speeds and stop short of cross-traffic. We were able to turn at stoplights and intersections without the car rolling over, and the reverse gear was handy too -- for getting out of parking stalls. The push-button activated transmission is a little slow, but it's refreshing to see an automaker trying something new.

Unfortunately when pushed at high speeds the Edsel starts to show it's shortcomings. As such, it's not our first choice. We'd much prefer a LeMans car.

One thing that Edsel is going to have a problem with is pricing. Our fully loaded press-tester model with every single available option, including live-in butler, was $9,000. To put that into perspective, a scooter is only $3,000 and a scooter also moves you between locations under it's own power. We like the Edsel, but we'd probably buy {Insert even more expensive car} instead.