Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A quick review of Ocean's Thirteen. Also a brief rant on the MPAA.

I just watched Ocean's 13. Loved it loved it loved it. Actually I watched it finishing up the trilogy, I've watched all three this week. So one thing I often do after I watch a film is look it up on IMDB or Wikipedia or both.

Did you know critics didn't like Ocean's 13? I can tell you why. It's pretty weak as a stand alone movie! If I had seen it in theatres and I hadn't watched 12 just a day or three before, I probably would have just said "Meh" too.

That's the beauty about it on disc release. You're unlikely to just bust out 13 and watch it. You're going to build up with 11 (Still my favourite), and then 12, and then 13. And when you've built up to it...and when you're watching at home, then 13 is just a whole lot of fun.

MPAA says that Ocean's 13 was rated PG-13 for brief sensuality. Well I have to tell you that that's all off. I mean the -13 rating is probably accurate, but -- well in consulting with Kids in Mind maybe there was more sensuality than I remembered (I guess I'm just trained well to look away?), but the language! I thought the language was worse than the sensuality...and the language isn't even mentioned by the MPAA.