Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stranger than fiction?

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

This is a story about these three objects:

(Don't mind that the scale is all off between these three objects!)

Nearly 2 years ago (21 months ago) I moved from Salt Lake back to Provo to continue school. Shortly after the move...two things turned up missing. Mainly my compact digital camera and my handheld GPS. I had a nicer camera at the time, so the loss of the camera was more annoying than true hindrance...but the GPS was a different story. It went missing right as I was leaving for a road trip to Seattle, and it's missing would eventually lead me to overpay for a TomTom GPS, which I hated, only to sell it on eBay and get a Garmin touch-screen car-type GPS.

Well about a month ago I moved again,  and suddenly things started showing up again! Sort of.

The camera showed up with some stuff that I had stored in my aunt's basement. I'd looked for it before, but I guess I just missed it. Multiple times. Actually I think it was in a box inside a box, so no wonder I couldn't find it.

Where do the sunglasses come into the story? I went to wear my sunglasses (Just like those pictured...except larger) and I could not find them! And I was mad! Because I love those sun glasses. I searched through my house, I drove up to campus and looked through my office. I asked my sister if I was wearing glasses or contacts the last time I saw her (I was trying to retrace my steps...for the past week). I could not find those glasses anywhere but... the process of looking for the glasses, I found the GPS! And where had it been for 21 months? Face down under the passenger seat of my car. I kid you  not. The GPS is kind of a dark camo gray, and my carpet is beige+18 years (So gray), and I've had a covered underground parking stall for the past 21 months, and I guess I just never looked under that seat with a bright enough flashlight or something. There the whole time! That's just funny to me. That means it was sitting there taunting me during all those roadtrips I took with my new GPS.

Now, this GPS has an altimeter function; and you can set it to turn on every 15 minutes and record barometric option that I usually had on. So I imagined that whenever I did finally manage to find this GPS, the batteries would be dead dead dead, leaked all over the place, ruining the poor GPS.

Wrong again! I hit the power button and it fired right up. It knew what time it was to the minute (I think the clock drifted a few seconds over the 2 year period), and within 3-4 minutes I had a sattelite lock, accurate to within 50 feet. I was impressed! So I checked the options and FORTUNATELY I had disabled the option for it to take an altimeter reading every 15 minutes. So I checked the altimeter log for the most recent reading....August 28 (2008). So yeah, the GPS was lost under that seat from August 28, 2008 to May 31, 2011.

The batteries in it were Sanyo Eneloops, and even though they seemed to be working fine I was dying to know how much charge they'd lost over 2 years. So I stuck them on my ├╝ber-geeky battery charger that will analyze batteries, and it looks like they both took about 500 mah. They're ~2100 mah batteries, so they lost roughly 25% of their charge by sitting for 2 years in a car that saw all extremes of temperature that a car sees...everything from sweltering heat to blistering cold. That's pretty impressive I think!!

But what about the sun glasses? Well I searched and searched and searched some more and found them too! Where? You'll never guess...under the passenger seat? No. Under the driver's.

If you're missing something, go check really really really good under the seats of your car. There's no telling what you'll find down there!! And if you want to come look under the seats of my car? You're welcome, but I don't think you'll find's now the first place I look whenever I lose something ;-)


Sincerely Searching said...

Oh Ryan....such an inspiration :) Now I'm going to look under my car seats just to see if anything is there!

Nicole said...

Or, the other place to look for missing items is tucked up in the sun visor. :)