Sunday, July 4, 2010

Getting out of Provo is about to get a bit more difficult...

The first few times I drove from Salt Lake to BYU, I followed the route you'd get from Google Maps, a GPS, or any other uninformed routing device: I exited at University Parkway and drove through Provo, past UVU and the University Mall. It's something like 13 stop lights and inevitably you catch more of them red than green.

Imagine my delight, nay, glee when I discovered I could get on and off I-15 at Center Street! It meant driving a little south before I went north (About 1/4 mile) but I could be on the freeway in half as many stop lights! Hurrah!

Well I-15 CORE has begun now...and unfortunately it looks like it will be done about the time I'm done with BYU. Yay for road construction becoming a permanent part of my college experience!

They're rebuilding the Center Street interchange, which for some reason is going to take 2 YEARS!!, and so I've spent the last few minutes deciphering what this means:

Weekend of July 10 -- You can get ON I-15 at Center Street, but to get off I-15 you'll need to exit at University Parkway (Southbound) or University Avenue (Northbound) because I-15 will actually be CLOSED at Center Street

July 14th on -- You can no longer get ON I-15 at Center Street. Best to go even further south and get on at University Avenue by Provo Town Center Mall (Which is awkwardly at the south end, not center, of Provo). You can get OFF I-15 at Center Street, but the beautiful Flyover will be gone, so you'll have to go through a signal. This is probably going to be a nightmare at peak times; fortunately, I'm always coming back to Provo in the middle of the night.

2013 -- We'll have a new interchange, more lanes, and Unicorns will make us Cheesecake on Saturday nights. I'll hopefully be done with BYU.


orangemily said...

At least there will be unicorns and cheesecake!

Rubie Hubie said...

dang! I hate road construction!!! I also hate taking the university exits. I will miss the center street one :(

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Anndrea said...

Wow unicorn cheesecake is my favorite!

It was good to see you a couple of weekends ago, hopefully I didn't bug you too much about my sis.