Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rocky Mountain Drive Inn

I hardly consider myself a food critic, but I do love to try new places. I want to try as many of the hole-in-wall places in Provo as I can over the next few years, as I continue my education at BYU. I spotted 3 near center street just the other day, so when I was a bit hungry driving back to Provo today, I knew that I would wait until reaching Provo, and then try a new place here.

The place that won today was Rocky Mountain Drive In.

This little shack, just off center street in Provo, is your typical burger joint. Burger. Cheese Burger. Double Cheese Burger. Bacon Burger. Double Bacon Burger. Pastrami Burger. You know the menu.

I had a bacon burger. It was drippy and messy (No Carl's Jr. ad drippy), drenched in what appeared to be thousand-island dressing. It was pretty good though.

The scene was interesting. The place is probably 40 years old, and it looks it. I don't know that it's been remodeled since...ever. It seemed clean though. Whereas the Malt Shoppe on University looks 40 years old and your skin sorta crawls when you walk in, this place just looked ancient, but not in a disgusting sort of way.

They do have some special menu items. They have pretty good looking shakes, but lots of places in Provo have pretty good looking shakes. In addition to the standard fare, they have a Halibut burger, a Sea Food burger, and Fish and Chips -- featuring English Chips, not fries. I will be making a return trip to try the Fish & Chips.

They also have Beef and Chicken Teryaki bowls. I will be making a return trip to try those as well, because if you're not aware, I'm on a quest to find decent and reasonably priced, Seattle-style teryaki outside of Seattle.

Two other real standouts is the scones. You can get hot scones, topped with powdered sugar, and served with a little cup of honey butter. I ordered a 2 piece, and they were delicious. I didn't start into them until after my burger was done, but even then they were still warm inside. The insides were still warm and delicious, and I could have sworn that they were filled...but they were not. These scones are delicious, and I can imagine myself making the trek to that corner of town some time just for the scones alone.

The last thing worth noting -- when I was filling my water glass (No ice dispenser, but they give you a cup of ice if you ask), I noticed that one of the soda dispensers was labeled with a little piece of paper...nothing fancy. It simply said "Iron Port". Wondering what this meant, I went to Google on my iPhone. Cisco, the networking giant, has a division called "IronPort" -- but that obviously wasn't it. I was seriously starting to wonder if that spiggot on the soda fountain was just rusted out or something and they were making a joke -- this is the "Iron Port" but then I found it. Iron Port: " old-fashioned carbonated soft drink...somewhat of a cross between root beer and Caribbean spices and is very similar to the Cuban soda pop, Iron Beer." The Wikipedia article then goes on to list the 36 or so places where you can get Iron Port on tap, the Rocky Mountain Drive Inn one of them. If you know ANYTHING about me, you know that I LOVE kind of offbeat, non-mainstream beverages. When I discovered what that "Iron Port" was about, I nearly lept out of my seat and ordered up a soft drink right then...but then again, I have at least 2 or 3 other things I'd like to try at this place, so the Iron Port can wait.

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orangemily said...

I really want to try the Iron Port now and I do love a good scone!

Annj said...

I like iron port, I think you can order it at Maddox in Brigham city. You review has intrigued me I will have to check it out next time we are in Provo.