Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bluetooth Mouse up for Grabs

Mouse for rBay
Originally uploaded by saaby
I purchased this off eBay about a year ago, in my pursuit of a full-sized Bluetooth mouse. I didn't personally care for it, the buttons are a little too stiff for my liking -- but it's a perfectly nice mouse! It features a scroll-wheel with left and right scroll as well (The wheel tilts), 2 programmable buttons on the left-hand side, and an optical sensor made by Logitech. I'll even let you keep the batteries that are in it.

First one to speak up gets it.


UTSquishy said...

If it includes a blue-tooth receiver then we'll take it.

Emily's laptop mouse died.

Ryan said...

It doesn't, but you can find those for $3 on eBay if you wait for shipping from Hong Kong:


Or about $6 if you want it to come from New Jersey.