Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Informal Survey...

...Please leave a comment and let me know if you have a credit card with a RFID chip in it.

UTA made some changes in their TRAX routes over the summer. They said that the majority of people riding TRAX were going up to the "U" -- so they cut out some of the stops between Sandy and the "U".

Apparently their studies were wrong, because they have received enough complaints that they have decided to reverse their decision.

One of the ways UTA has been tracking ridership is through a tag on-tag off system. If you have a UTA pass, you can wave it over an RFID reader when you board and deboard the train. This will collect your fare and track ridership.

What I am wondering though, is if there was a sampling bias -- such that the people who were most likely to contribute to the ridership survey through this RFID system, where I'm sure they get quite a lot of data, also happen to be the people most likely to ride up to the U.

I've noticed that a lot of people my age have newer credit cards with the RFID chips...whereas people who have had their cards for a few years do not have the chip.

So do you have a credit card with an RFID chip in it? My American Express BLUE does.


UTSquishy said...

You Know I'll Never Let Them Chip Me!!!!

Bonnie said...

check 2 for me. Amex & how about my new passport? Does that count?

orangemily said...

No chip in my CC.

ty said...

Mark none, for me... Used to, but then requested one without. I've seen how easy it is to read one with a simple reader. Doesn't seem safe at all to me, but then a again, check fraud was really simple too, and still all possible.