Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ding! More interesting stuff.

Earlier this week I read about these new GS1 Databar barcodes that are going to start popping up everywhere. Imagine my surprise then, when later that day, I noticed one on the Apple I bought at the grocery store. Actually, sitting here, I am noticing that I have a coupon containing one of these bar codes too.

A few months ago, and this is a really geeky "I love my iPhone" moment, I decided to find out what a Standpipe is...because you see them (Or at least I do...but I have engineer eyes) coming out of buildings all the time! So I'm walking around campus reading about Standpipes on the Quickpedia. (Mock if you want, but some day somebody will want to marry this charming uniqueness...just like people love the charming uniqueness of an oddly-placed ignition key).

Anyway, turns out a Standpipe is a hookup the fire department can use to get water into a building.

So look what popped up in my RSS article on...Standpipes! I found it highly fascinating. I'm not offended if you, uhh, don't. Read

A Field Guide To NYC Standpipes (Including Bernie Madoff’s!)


orangemily said...

Learning new things everyday!

Annj said...

Your right you are going to find "the one" and she will be astounded by your genius everyday. :)

ty said...

Guess I am the one. I've seen those too and have wondered to myself what the ... Standpipes and GS1, will have to watch my produce, etc...