Thursday, May 21, 2009

WiFi at SLCC

If you search around on the internet, it would have you believe that to use the WiFi on SLCC campus, you have to go the library and be 'activated.' This is simply not the case.

I can't speak for PCs, your instructions might be a little different.

Also, there may be more than 1 way to do this, I am just presenting one way.

But here's how you can get on.

Click your airport menu, click "Join other network..."

For the network name type in "SLCC_SSID" (Case sensitive)

(And I know that you are typing the name of a network that was in the list, but for some reason if you pick it from the list, it won't let you pick the LEAP security type. When you pick "Other Network" however, you can pick LEAP. It's just a little workaround)

For the Security pick "LEAP"

For the username/password use your Mypage login info.

Make sure to pick "Remember this network." Voila! Should work.

You can also connect from an iPhone. Go to the WiFi preferences, pick "Other Network" fill in SLCC_SSID and then pick WPA2 enterprise as the security type.



Bonnie said...

I'll make a copy of this post to keep in my purse in case I ever find myself on the SLCC campus! :-)

orangemily said...

Good to know, I'm hoping to go back to school one day.