Friday, May 29, 2009


If you ever try to help relatives or friends fix their computers over the web, you need to know about Teamviewer.

It's like a whole host of other remote-desktop apps, but in the scenario that you're trying to help somebody over the phone...this one has 2 distinct advantages.

1 - It's free
2 - It has a "quick server" app.

So it works like this, you -- the helper man -- download the full version.
Then you have your person who needs help download the 'viewer only' version. You can find links to these by hitting "Extras->Invite Partner"

So they download the "QuickShare" version of Team viewer. They DO have to download and run a program, but they DON'T have to CONFIGURE or INSTALL anything.

They open the program that you send them a link to, and give you a code from it. You punch the code in on your side and voila! Instant screen share.

I was previously using LogMeIn for these kinds of things, and LogMeIn is still handy if you are helping 1 specific person a lot, because it runs in the background so you can take control without the other person actually having to do anything. I use LogMeIn, for example, on my moms computer...then if she's having a problem I can either help her right then or, depending on the problem, I can log onto her machine in the middle of the night (When she is asleep and I am not) and fix it.

LogMeIn is a bit tricky to install though...

Here's an idea though, if there is somebody who you think would be a good LogMeIn can use Teamviewer to remote into their system and install LogMeIn for them!

Finally, if you and your person-in-distress are on a Mac, the iChat screen-sharing trumps all these solutions...but 9 times out of 10 the remote person doesn't have their iChat setup right. So again, you could use Teamviewer to login and help them setup their iChat, and then switch to the iChat screen sharing.

and FINALLY FINALLY...if their problem is internet connection related, none of this will work. But you knew that already.

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