Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ethernet Cable not Plugged In

I've been having a problem for literally months. When I try to use Ethernet on my beloved little MacBook Pro (Griffin Jr.), instead of getting a blazingly fast connection, all I would see is this:

"The cable for Ethernet is not plugged in."

it would say. Oh how that made me angry. It was happening way back with my PowerBook (Griffin), and I was convinced I'd fried my Network card somehow.

Imagine my continued anger then when, after reinstalling Leopard on Griffin to give to mom, and putting my files on Griffin Jr, I found the Ethernet working fine on Griffin, and now not working on Griffin Jr.

(That was written poorly, so to clarify if you're confused... the problem seemed to follow my files)

I googled about it a bunch and everybody just said "Hardware problem." But I was not convinced.

Finally I did some testing -- a concept that is lost on a lot of the world. I put my friend Sam's ProBook in target FireWire mode and booted off it. Plugged my Ethernet in and it worked as it should.

So I googled some more and, as luck would have it, found a solution within 5 minutes.

Turns out that, for whatever reason, sometimes the Ethernet stops working for the "Automatic" Location.

The solution? Make a new location. Which I did...and it works.

So if your Ethernet isn't working, and you don't think it's hardware failure, make a new location before you give up.

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