Wednesday, December 10, 2008

To NetBook or not to NetBook

For weeks now I've been contemplating the possibilities of acquiring a NetBook some time early next know, after Christmas is over, I'm working a bit more, and I've had time to scrape together a tiny bit of discretionary cash. (See I'm broke as can be, but if I don't save up and let myself buy a toy every once in awhile, then eventually I just break and buy a toy I can't afford). 

After I got one I'd hackintosh it of course. Imagine the possibilities! I'd have my lovely, wonderful, delightful, and oh-so-glossy MacBook Pro for most my computing tasks, and a little netbook to take to school on days when I just might want to take a few notes in class...or have access to some digital documents without having to, uhh, lug around the actual documents. 

Well tonight I found myself at Best Buy briefly, where I did something I've been scared to do for a long time, I wandered through the PC section -- which I generally try to avoid totally. 

Eventually I saw them. Two demunitive little laptops. One EEEPC, and the doesn't really matter, they're all the same anyway. 

Anyway, the screen was not awful. Tiny, yes. Sharp? Not as sharp as my ProBook, but tolerable. Low resolution obviously, but not unacceptably low. The problem was the feel.

The keyboard was AWFUL! AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL! I mean I have small hands. Very small hands. Therefore I thought if anybody could live with a small keyboard it would be me. No way. I almost felt like to type on the thing I'd need to pick it up and use my thumbs. I think I can type faster on my iPhone keyboard. The key-travel was non-existant as well. Seriously, I think the keys moved about 1/10th a CM. 

I know they're trying to keep these netbooks compact and all, but could nobody license some technology from the stowaway people or something, to make the keyboards at least livable?

I'm willing to give the netbook thing 1 more try -- after all I wrote the iPhone off (sort of) after the first time I played with it too, but considering the main things I want a NetBook for could be accomplished with something like the iRex Reader (Too bad it's $700!!) and considering Amazon is rumored to be coming out with a larger-screen version of the kindle some time next year, I guess I'll just keep filing the pennies away for the proverbial eventual toy purchase. Who knows, maybe my wildest dreams will come true and Apple will get into this market. Remember how long we all clamored for an Apple-made phone with a touch-screen?