Thursday, November 13, 2008

Consumer Advisory -- eBay MacBook Chargers

I recently purchased a new charger for my new MacBook Pro on eBay. Unfortunately Apple isn't licensing their MagSafe connector to /anyone/ so the things are a little pricey, but I like to have an extra adaptor for 2 reasons...

1 - It's infinitely annoying and inconvenient when you go somewhere and realize that you've left your charger on your desk. Having a charger for home and a charger for travel makes this almost never happen.

2 - It's more convenient to be able to grab and go with your laptop than having to remember to grab the power cord too.

3 - I use my laptop for /everything/. If I lost my power brick, or if it failed, I would be HOSED! Probably the 2 parts of a laptop that are most likely to fail under regular use are the hard drive and the power brick. Having a second power brick is not only convenient, but it provides backup should this ever happen. 

Now wanting to save a few pennies I found a power brick on eBay. It arrived today and I'm saddened to say that although it *looked* like the official Apple power brick in the photo, it's actually a knockoff. It's got cheap construction, and worst of all, it's not grounded. 

True the power brick doesn't HAVE to be grounded, but I would prefer it to be. Also, while I'm not totally opposed to using a third party power brick with my laptop, I'm not exactly comfortable with a cheap knockoff no-name power supply of questionable quality feeding power to my rather-expensive laptop.

It's going back, and if they won't take it back I'm re-selling it on eBay.

So if you're in the market for a power brick on eBay for a MacBook or MacBook Pro, be sure to read carefully! This one was listed as "100% OEM Compatible" and I now realize that does *NOT* mean OEM :-D


orangemily said...

That's too bad!

Nicole said...

D'oh! I hate it when that happens!

ty said...

I've had really bad luck with eBay lately. I keep getting the wrong stuff, not as described, or way different than specified in the auction. I am getting to be a pro at using paypal dispute, and turned off of eBay. I always try to contact the seller and see what I can do to "work it out". After 4-6 days of no reply email, I move onto Paypal and open up a dispute. Technically they want you to send back the item after you are refunded your money, but if you can't make contact with someone to where to send it back to, then you get to keep it, according to the customer service rep I spoke with. I have a LCD Wall mount (completely wrong item, didn't even match picture), Smartphone charger, (Didn't actually charge phone and extra battery at same time as stated in auction), Dell Computer Power supply (completely wrong PS and was for a different computer), Graphics card (labeled PCI but was AGP). I'd love to send them back but none of these people would answer their emails. I wonder if they ever look at their paypal accounts and wonder why Paypal is sucking money out of them. Also I've had 4 really good experiences of people who have went above and beyond to make things right. That is the kind of seller I am so I expect it as I buy things off of ebay. Your experiences may vary so GOOD LUCK!